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It all comes down to the kitchen flooring. When homeowners consider kitchen renovation, they most likely think about countertops, cabinets, and backsplashes, maybe because that’s what you first see as you enter the kitchen.

However, your kitchen flooring is what you set foot on as you go inside your kitchen and the right floor blending with the other kitchen components stirs a pleasant feeling.

Kitchen Remodeling Corpus Christi TX understands the importance kitchen flooring plays in remodeling and redesigning your kitchen.

We offer numerous flooring options to help you choose the best one for your kitchen.

Note that the perfect kitchen flooring doesn’t signify top-quality material. Instead, the pattern, shape, size, design, and color are crucial in enhancing your kitchen aesthetics.

Because our experts know what harmonizes well with kitchen features, you’ll never be disappointed after trusting us.

Here are a few popular flooring options to consider for your kitchen.


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Thanks to its timeless design and contemporary outlook, hardwood is a popular choice among homeowners. Typically, hardwood floors are not waterproof. However, solid hardwoods with an appropriate finish can resist water.

However, that doesn’t mean you can procrastinate on cleaning. Instead, make sure you clean the spills right away to avoid damaging the surface.

Further, if you think hardwood flooring looks dull, you can always ask installers for a refinishing touch. It enhances its look and boosts your overall kitchen appearance.

You also have the choice to lay hardwood floors in varying patterns. Recycled, reclaimed, and environmentally-friendly hardwoods are a few attractive options to consider.


Perhaps you’re familiar with corks as push-pin boards, but they are also an environmentally-friendly option for flooring. Not only does it gives a comfortable feel, but it provides a cushion-like texture underfoot.

However, you must protect it from spills – like hardwood. The key is to clean the spills immediately. Also, while it appears warmer than wood, it doesn’t absorb heat.

So your feet won’t freeze in the winter season, but they won’t burn either as you stand next to the lit stove.

Consider refinishing the cork if you want to spruce up your kitchen.

kitchen remodel Corpus Christi TX
kitchen remodel Corpus Christi TX
kitchen remodeling Corpus Christi TX


Vinyl flooring has seen a surge in its popularity in the past few years. You can go for tiles and plank vinyl flooring that mimics the look of stone or hardwood. Besides, it is waterproof and pretty easy to clean.

The only downside is that it isn’t as durable as tile. In fact, heavy appliances can easily scratch or dent them.

Therefore, you must show caution when upgrading your kitchen with appliances.


Concrete flooring might not pique your interest considering its bland outlook. But it is one of the sturdiest options available. You do not have to worry about spilling anything on it because a simple wipe will clean it off.

Besides, it offers a waterproof surface. However, experts still recommend keeping mats in areas of excessive moisture.

Cost is another factor that makes concrete a flooring option for homeowners looking for inexpensive materials. It is one of the cheapest flooring options.

But that doesn’t mean compromised appearance; you can always design it per your preferences, and a professional kitchen remodel Corpus Christi TX company can guide you best.


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If you love hardwood and are looking for a cost-effective alternative, go for laminate flooring. It mimics the look of hardwood and offers a waterproof surface. However, note that you need to consult a professional for laminate types.

Several laminate floorings are not waterproof, and only a skilled kitchen remodeling Corpus Christi TX company can guide you about waterproof options.

Overall it gives a sleek look. But it isn’t as durable as hardwood.


Thanks to its waterproofing and durability, people globally consider tile for their kitchen flooring. Although the tile industry has expanded in the past few years and numerous options have been introduced, porcelain, stone tile, and ceramic remain the most common choices.

You’ll find various sizes, colors, and patterns to fit the existing theme of your kitchen. Besides, they last longer than other kitchen floorings. However, you must ensure that grout remains sealed. Otherwise, it’ll be prone to stains.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are durable and resistant to damage. While this is a plus, it also comes with a downside. Plates falling on the floor tend to break quickly on these tiles.

If you’re looking for other long-lasting tiles, stone tile is highly recommended. Yes, it is costly but sturdy and beautiful. However, you must maintain it regularly to retain its aesthetics.