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Kitchen islands are a vital part of every modern kitchen. Not only does it offer more storage space, but it also upgrades your kitchen outlook. On top of that, it gives a place for your family to sit, relax, laugh, eat, and share a moment of joy.

We believe that no contemporary kitchen is complete without a kitchen island. While a few customers assume they do not have enough space to consider one in their kitchen, our designers create enough room to build one.

Because Remodel Kitchen Corpus Christi TX aims at styling your kitchen per the latest trends, we ensure to add every feature that makes it distinctive and unique.

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What Is a Kitchen Island?

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The kitchen island is a cabinet that stands freely in your existing kitchen and complements its overall appearance. The final decision rests on you: what do you want to include?  

Most homeowners prefer placing stools around it; others wish to feature drawers to make more room for groceries.

Further, a few prefer installing ovens or refrigerators to maximize the usage of the kitchen island.

Essentially, kitchen islands originated from wooden farm tables where families sat and ate the food. It also provided extra space for cooks to prepare the food and enjoy their cooking experience.

Today’s kitchen islands have evolved tremendously. You’ll stumble across all the fancy-looking islands with top-of-the-line materials, snazzy-looking cabinets, and quality countertops.

However, note that your kitchen island doesn’t have to be extraordinary to look good. It serves the purpose as long as it’s designed skillfully and installed competently. 

Why Do You Need One?

If you think kitchen islands are not an essential part of your kitchen, think again. Here are a few reasons that might encourage you why they are a must-have.
  • Because they aren’t installed in the corner, you can reach out to them from all sides of your kitchen. This maximizes the functionality of traditional countertops or cabinets against your kitchen walls.
  • When crafted adeptly, they look like a piece of furniture in your kitchen. For instance, when you add stools around it, it becomes a seating area for you and your family.
  • Kitchen islands combine function with style. While they offer space to store food items, you can utilize them for additional purposes. For instance, it accommodates several cooks – in case you want to cook with your family – or children doing their school tasks as you cook. You can also turn it into a mini office as you prepare meals alongside.

Functionalities of a Kitchen Island

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Still not sure if you should get one? Check out these key functions of kitchen islands and decide for yourself.


Cooking Area

You can utilize your kitchen island as a cooking area; here’s what you need to consider nonetheless.

  • Because you’ll be placing hot pans on it, make sure you go for heat-resistant countertops – consider stone, tile, or marble.
  • If you want to turn it into a seating area, the countertop should be raised slightly. This keeps your family from the cooking splashes.
  • Make sure there are 17 inches of space on one or another side of the stovetop.
  • Consider installing a second exhaust fan in your ceiling to utilize the area for preparing meals.

Dining Area

You can consult with the kitchen remodel Corpus Christi TX you hire and mount the stools around the island to turn it into a seating area. Your family members, guests, and friends can sit here and enjoy their meals.

While it’s great to have a separate dining room, nothing beats the charm of the seating area around the kitchen island.

But again, ensure you install the stools correctly, and improperly placed stools keep you from enjoying your food. You can also go for moveable seats, but pre-installed stools are always better.


Food Preparation

Yes, your countertops provide enough space to prepare food, but they’re cluttered with many cabinets that distract you or otherwise eat up the space.

A few cooks prefer an open area with enough room for preparing meals. Luckily, kitchen islands offer a chance to upgrade food preparation. However, you must ensure these things before considering one specifically for making meals.

  • The compost bin must be closer to the island for an easy access.
  • You will also need outlets for small kitchen equipment.
  • The refrigerator must be closer to the island. Consider installing a smart refrigerator on the kitchen island.
  • Lastly, adding a preparation sink and a butcher’s block is a plus.