Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets are the backbone of your kitchen. In fact, they are one of the first features customers – and Kitchen Remodel Corpus Christi TX – consider when discussing redesigning.

Yes, they appear like ordinary drawers, but they are the kitchen’s furniture. You place countless food items in your cabinets. Otherwise, you’ll only clutter your countertops, and your kitchen will look like a mess.

The interior designers at Kitchen Remodeling Corpus Christi TX share the best kitchen cabinet ideas that maximize your storage space and cut down on costs.

While we share several kitchen cabinet options, you are free to go for a custom design. What’s more, if you want customized cabinets, we offer genuine recommendations to fit your style and enhance space utility.

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Pros of Having Cabinets

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Because almost everyone has cabinets in their kitchens, people do not know what not having them is like. Perhaps you only acknowledge the value of something when you do not have it, and the same goes for kitchen cabinets.

Here are some popular and a few lesser-known pros of having kitchen cabinets.


Enhance storage

The most popular benefit of having kitchen cabinets is to enhance the storage space. Your shopping cart is packed with loads of groceries every month. How in the world do you expect them to fit into your kitchen without cabinets?


Better organization

While countertops provide space to place food items, it isn’t enough. In fact, putting groceries on countertops clutters them and makes your kitchen all messy. Besides, you’ll have a limited place to chop vegetables and cook food. Cabinets, on the other hand, offer you more spacing to organize your grocery and improve your kitchen’s functionality.


Complement your kitchen

A kitchen without cabinets would look anything but a kitchen. Indeed the cabinets beautify your kitchen and enhance its elegance. In fact, the new and latest design cabinets will be a cherry on the top!


Custom cabinets

You have the option to go for customized cabinets. This gives you an opportunity to pick the material, the design, and the color. Besides, where you would want to fit them in your kitchen is also something you decide.



Installing elegant-looking cabinets would not burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, you wouldn’t feel the need to go for cheap materials. You’ll easily find affordable and quality materials to pick for your kitchen cabinets.

kitchen remodeling Corpus Christi TX
kitchen remodeling Corpus Christi TX
kitchen remodeling Corpus Christi TX

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

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You must familiarize yourself with a few basic kitchen cabinet types before choosing one for your kitchen. Although all cabinets appear attractive, not everyone sees beauty the same way.

So, it is essential to identify what you like to make the right choice.



These kitchen cabinets feature horizontal wooden slats. Although this design is pretty common on doors and windows, few people know it for kitchen cabinets.

They are an excellent option for a place that requires optimal ventilation because they have space between the slats. However, this also comes with a downside. The spacing allows dust to enter the cabinet. Nonetheless, if regular maintenance is your thing, you wouldn’t regret choosing louvered kitchen cabinets!



Most US households have shaker-style cabinets in their kitchens. They feature 5 flat-panel pieces, forming a frame with 4 pieces and a single panel (5th one) in the middle.

Many homeowners prefer this because it offers a minimal yet sleek look. Besides, it is a timeless design, and you won’t regret choosing one even when the most striking styles hit the market.



These cabinets consist of an inset door placed inside the cabinet frame. Engineers design the inset cabinets cautiously to fit each door inside the frame. Slight negligence during the design process can give inaccurate measurements.

For instance, the drawers might not open and close correctly. However, skilled designers ensure that does not happen and provide value for your money. Also, note that this cabinet design is one of the costliest one. But, it looks elegant and lasts for years, which is a plus.



Slab cabinet doors are the simplest but look stylish nonetheless. In fact, homeowners often opt for these when they feel confused. They do not feature many frames but a single door that perfectly fits their name – solid slabs.



The beadboard consists of vertical plank rows featuring ridges between each plank. They give a charming outlook to your kitchen and make for a perfect farmhouse-style kitchen. If you’re into minimalistic styles, you’ll love this one.

However, cracks in this kitchen cabinet are a bit challenging to clean, which is a downside. Note that the list of kitchen cabinets isn’t exhaustive. We shared the most common ones to give you an idea of your ideal style. You can also choose from custom kitchen cabinets, read-to-assemble, or stock kitchen cabinets.